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I found Trends Luxe and it was one of the best discoveries, the team solved all my doubts, Sarah especially was very kind and patient with me, the delivery time was the best, the next day I had my bag with me!!!! Incredible, one of the best stores without a doubt.


Such a great service and my bag is stunning!! I missed out on this bag years ago but thanks to you guys she’s mine!!! So happy !! 💗


Trends Luxe team is amazing!  Sarah was so kind and helpful and knowledgeable!! I appreciate everything that you did to help me get my dream bag!! Thank you so much!!


Excellent customer service and amazing finds! They have a good eye and they have a great communication with customers. Recommend over and over.


I found out about Trends Luxe through a friend and now it has become one of my favorite stores!!! The communication is the best, I received answers to all my questions. I am now on my 3rd order!! Thank you TL team! 🤍


Sarah and TL team is the best seller around, they respond very quickly! I’m in love with my Chanel bag. I will buy more bags for sure, thank u again!


Trends Luxe is truly a gem of company. Their items are in great condition, 100% authentic and so hard to find elsewhere. Beyond this, their customer service is the best, Sarah and the team respond within minutes and are a pleasure to contact! Their authentication process and packaging made me fall in love with their company. It is so classy, beautiful, and makes you feel connected to them even more. ❤️


Sarah helped me find a Chanel bag to give to my wife for her birthday, I really appreciate it the personalized customer service, It was amazing. My wife now is in love with her new Chanel bag. Definitely I will buy again for future birthdays and Christmas gifts. Thank you so much again.


I bought my first Chanel bag with Trends Luxe!!! Truly, the best shopping experience I’ve ever had, the TL team guided me every step of the way. I loved the packaging and I also received a mini gift with the bag!! No words, really amazing.


I always wanted to have a Chanel bag but the prices were always out of my budget, until I found Trends Luxe. The prices are very reasonable and they have an immediate customer
service and they super helpful. Thank u again Team TL! ♥️


Sarah and the team explained me all the doubts I had, especially about the Authentication process, I really loved the customer services I received. I decided to buy an item and now it’s one of the best purchases I have made. I trust them completely.


The service I received was impressive. Responses were fast, and I even got extra pictures of the bag I was interested in. Shipping was flawless and, when I finally got my bag, it was even better than advertised.


I am greatly surprised by Trends Luxe, and I’m sure this is the first purchase of many to come. I wish them the best! ❤️


I’m already on my 5rth order!!! Really I enjoy to buy with Trends Luxe, the best safe store of resale luxury handbags. I love it. Thank u so much guys! You are the best!


Wonderful experience! I LOVE this store! It is a hidden gem of the preowned luxury world. I like the
fact that they can send you any additional pictures of the bag if you need. Prices are perfect and great customer service. Items were in great shape. Thank you so much!


Trends Luxe has everything perfect, honestly, good customer service, reasonable prices and the packing was one of the best I never see it. I will make all my Chanel’s purchases here. Thank u again.


I HIGHLY recommend Trends Luxe who anyone considering purchasing a luxury handbag. Thank you for EVERYTHING! 💗💗


OMG!!!! I just received my Chanel flap bag. The bag looks absolutely stunning!! I am so in love with this bag!!! I’ve been searching for this bag for quite some time. Everything was absolutely seamless & customer service is top notch!!! I will always be buying from Trends Luxe before anywhere else. Do yourself a favor & put your trust in Trends Luxe!!! I promise they will more than meet your expectations. Thank you very much TL team! ❤️


Truly, one of the best luxury handbags resale stores without a doubt. They helped me with the whole process of my first purchase, and I was impressed with the delivery time, in less than 24 hours I had the bag with me. I will make many more purchases in Trends Luxe.